is an early-intervention crisis grant programme run by Save the Children.

We provide essential household items such as a cot bed, cooker, pushchair or educational toys and books to low-income families with young children who lack the funds to purchase basic items themselves.

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play! provides essential household items to families who:

  1. Have a child living in the family home under 36 months old or where the mother is 28 or more weeks pregnant at the time of applying.
  2. Meet the low income threshold where one or more of the child's parents or carers are receiving at least one of the specified benefits.
  3. Are living with a severe material need where the home is lacking essential material items.

A family must meet all three criteria for a grant to be awarded to improve their child's ability to eat, sleep, learn or play in their home.

Applications are made by referral partners, whose organisation has been registered and approved by Save the Children in key areas. Save the Children define a referral partner as a professional who visits the family home as part of their support role. They must have an ongoing relationship with the family and be in a position to fulfil all of the referral partner responsibilities as outlined in the Referral Partner Agreement. The application process is carried out by phone and is designed to be straightforward and efficient.

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In order to register to become a referral partner, your organisation must be registered and approved with us, and you must agree to the following:

"I confirm that I have read all of the essential documentation and agree to the terms and conditions of the programme"

Photo: J Metson Scot / Save the Children